Frequently asked questions and answers.

What field-glass it is better to use with a coin acceptor or with a bill acceptor?

The field-glass works with a coin acceptor more reliably and there is an opportunity to work from the accumulator, and with a bill acceptor profitability is higher.

In what distinction between field-glasses and telescopes consists?

When using the field-glass both eyes (binocular sight) are involved, field-glasses allow to perform the overview with three-dimensional effect.

Looking in the telescope, you use one eye. However, when using our telescope, you use not important left or right eye, all the same quality of the image is guaranteed to you.

Both field-glasses, and telescopes, are structurally executed using magnifying optics of parameters 7x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, etc.

What device in the best way is suitable for a review?

The choice between the field-glass, the telescope and Infoskop directly depends on individual needs of the customer. There is no best device, but there is a device which is best meeting your requirements. Our team is ready to provide you consultation and to propose the best solution in each case.

Your binoskopa are how reliable?

Are reliable! We exploit them 8 years.

Connection to electric network is necessary?

No, it isn't required as all devices work in the autonomous mode. Models work with a coin acceptor from the rechargeable batteries which are included in the delivery package or from the mechanical timer. Employment duration makes several months and depends on operation. Batteries change simply and quickly. Detailed details are described in the operation manual.

How often it is necessary to perform collection of money?

Everything depends on turnover. During a season of times in two days, in off-season two times a month. If the field-glass with a coin acceptor – approximately once a week.

For what time there is enough rechargeable battery?

About 20 days. Everything depends on the number of viewings.

What means increase 10X?

Means that one optical device makes 10-multiple optical increase (in 10 times more, or it is possible to tell that is 10 times closer). Therefore, to survey the subject which is at distance of 1000 m by means of the device 10X is the same as to see this subject with the naked eye at distance of 100 m.

Than your offer is better than others?

Our company establishes already long time and operates field-glasses and has wide experience in it. Also we produce one model of binoskop independently.

Whether you perform field service?

Yes, any spare part you can deliver under the order. And also to help remotely with the solution of different problems.

What the Audioguide is necessary for?

The electronic audioguide is necessary for holding excursions in absence of the guide. It is only necessary to lower a coin and to choose language, reproduction will begin automatically.

What is Infoskop?

Infoskop is an optical-mechanical device, kotor, thanks to a combination of mirrors to lenses, allows to survey numerous details of an observed object. Thanks to the applied advanced technology (the increased reality) it is possible to see accurately names of settlements, highway route markers, roads, buildings, heights, historical and naturalistic indexes, logos and many other things. Infoskop is the unique device capable to enlarge the real image, working without batteries and the electric power!

Whether often field-glasses break?

No, it isn't frequent.

Whether it is possible to adjust the field-glass for acceptance of counters?

Yes, it is easy to make it independently.

Whether it is possible to establish viewing time independently?

Yes, the instruction is attached to the field-glass.

What is necessary for installation of a binoskop?

It is good to strengthen it on the basis or to a handrail. If the field-glass with a bill acceptor, is better to bring network of 12 Volts.

It is better for what frequency rate to choose the field-glass?

Of tourists you shouldn't pursue big frequency rate. Doesn't interest what frequency rate binoscope at all. The best frequency rate 20 x – 25 x.

Whether it is possible to request production of special model of the device for its further operation by people in the invalideykh chairs?

Yes, as we are a producer, is able to make such model. We are able to satisfy the most various requirements. We make, for example, the devices suitable for operation by children where footboards are established or height is regulated.

What advantage is given to a binoskop by the built-in GSM controller?

The controller allows to control remotely by means of Sms the equipment. It gives many benefits.

What bank notes of the countries are accepted by your equipment?

Notes and coins of all countries, only setup happens previously and only our company.

How it is possible to purchase products?

It is possible to make free predesign on the interesting model. In addition to cost will provide you detailed technical characteristics of the chosen model.

What leaving requires binoscope?

The main thing is a collection of cash and to wipe optics. And all.