Delivery Information

We deliver all over the world.

We deliver you the most appropriate way. For this we use air and road transport.

You choose how to trucks for delivery and delivery conditions. This does not mean that you are unable to make delivery. In this case, you just pick up your product and all costs of transportation and customs formalities you take the (condition on Incoterms - EXW). So as you order only to send the goods to you a convenient terminal, but then all the other duties (customs clearance, insurance, etc.) are assigned to the buyer (on the condition of Incoterms - CPT). But if you want to get the goods have already been delivered to your home or office, you can fully trust us and transport and fulfillment of all customs procedures related to international transport (condition on Incoterms - DDP). Please contact us and we will find the most effective and convenient way to deliver the goods!

The shipment of the ordered goods, if in stock, shall be made within 3 working days. In the absence of goods in the warehouse, delivery is made within a predetermined timeframe. The costs associated with the delivery of products, are paid according to the tariffs of transport companies and supported by financial documents.

Packaging, transport and shipment is made according to international requirements and standards.