Coin-operated binocular KOWA

  • Manufacturer:    Kowa
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   Stationary coin operated binoculars KOWA is designed for installation in the most picturesque places. This model is equipped with high quality zoom optics, and rugged mounting pillar that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view. The entire system is completely waterproof, so it can withstand all weather conditions. Surely you will be delighted with the bright and clear image that gives this model.


  • Dimensions (height×width×length) 1680×230×425 mm
  • Weight 31 kg
  • Optics 20×
  • The diameter of the magnifying lens 80 mm
  • Field of view 3°
  • Viewing angle up to 30°
  • The angle down to 30°
  • The rotation around the axis 360°
  • Vandal-proof
  • Supply with coin acceptor, bill acceptor or card reader

link:  Huge binoculars with coin acceptor