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         Our equipments are called in different ways: coin-operated viewing telescopes, scenic viewers, scenic telescopes, spyglass viewers, non-coin operated viewers, coin operated viewfinders, tower scopes, viewing stands, non-coin operated viewers, tower scopes, binoculars, outdoor telescopes, outdoor binoculars, observation binoculars, observation telescopes, coin operated telescopes, coin operated binoculars, interpretive devises, optical rangers, best views, optical sights, telescopes, tower scopes, observation binoculars, observation telescopes, observation viewers, tower binoculars, binoculars, scenic magnifiers, tower viewers, coin-operated viewers, used coin operated binoculars, coin-operated binoculars, revenue binoculars, coin-operated viewfinders, wheelchair viewers, wheelchair viewfinders, stationary binoculars, coin operated viewers, viewing scopes, coin operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewing machines, all weather telescopes, all weather binoculars and observation telescopes, revenue telescopes, second hand coin operated telescopes, non-coin telescopes, spy glasses, stationary telescopes, stationary observation binoculars, coin binoculars, observation binoculars with bill acceptor, stationary observation binoculars with coin acceptor, binocular telescope with bill acceptor, business binoculars , binoculars for observation deck, binoculars for the museum, interactive binoculars, binoculars with the added reality, multimedia telescope, outdoors binoculars, outdoor telescope, multimedia binoculars, business large binoculars, vandal-proof binoculars, all-weather binoculars, binoculars equipped with coin acceptor, telescope equipped with coin acceptor, coin-op binoculars. We call them - BINOSCOPE